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MPEG Future is also about Genomics

In the last 4+ years MPEG has successfully collaborated with Work Group 5 of ISO TC276 Biotechnology to develop a standard for Genomic Information Representation (ISO/IEC 23092, a.k.a. MPEG-G). MPEG provided the expertise in media coding, and TC 276 provided the requirements expressed by users

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The scope of work of MPEG as a Subcommittee

In all standards organisation, especially the larger ones, great attention is paid to the scope of work of a committee. It would be detrimental if different groups developed competing standards in the same area. hashtag#MPEGFuture proposes that the new subcommittee has the following scope: Standardisation

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The future of MPEG is more collaboration

MPEG has a long history of collaboration with other organisations, including ITU-T SG16 and JPEG, resulting in joint development of successful standards. More recently, MPEG has also provided its expertise in data coding technologies to support applications in domains other than multimedia. A successful example

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Collaboration

#MPEGFuture is proposing that MPEG become a JTC 1 Subcommittee. To analyse the benefits of this new setting, I have already posted hashtag#MPEGGovernance and hashtag#MPEGproductivity and this is the time for hashtag#MPEGCollaboration. Today systems become more and more complex and include more and more features.

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Productivity

#MPEGFuture is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? In an earlier posy I have considered hashtag#MPEGGovernance. The next item is hashtag#MPEGproductivity. With hundreds of experts attending and more in companies working MPEG is able to develop excellent

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Governance

MPEG Future is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? The first item to be considered is hashtag#MPEGGovernance. MPEG is currently a working group (WG) In the ISO organisation, a WG is a kind of temporary entity of

MPEG Future kick-off

MPEG Future believes that the MPEG organisation, developed over the last 31 years, is sound and effective because it is the result of a continuous evolution. MPEG has been and is able to conceive strategic visions for new media user experiences, design work plans in

MPEG standards

MPEG-1 ISO/IEC 11172 Coding of moving pictures and associated audio for digital storage media at up to about 1,5 Mbit/s Systems Video Audio Compliance testing Software simulation MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818 Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information Systems Video Audio Coformance testing Software

MPEG scope of work

Serve as responsible body within ISO/IEC for recommending a set of standards consistent with the Area of Work: Efficient coding and compression of digital representations of light and sound fields, e.g.: Conventional moving pictures (natural and computer-generated), Multiview moving pictures Immersive moving pictures (e.g. volumetric,