MPEG Adapts

I do some work promoting this MPEG Future LinkedIn group :-). Here is a message I have received: “Thanks a lot for sharing this information and inviting me in the group. I know about the origins of MPEG from explanations from two professors and I also enjoyed personally the participation in MPEG standadisation for several years. MPEG was never static but always knew to find its way and adapt to a changing environment while keeping and sharpening it’s focus. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works out again and I am glad to provide my input in the group.” This is a very nice summary of what MPEG has always been – an animal that adapts itself to fast changing conditions. Having witnessed MPEG in its early days, and how it is today, I see the ocean that separates the two phases of MPEG life and I know how MPEG can continue to adapt. hashtagMPEGAdapts