What is MPEG?

MPEG is a Working Group (WG) of ISO and IEC (officially ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11) with the mission to develop standards for coded representation of digital audio, video, 3D Graphics and other data. Since its establishment in 1988, the group has produced standards based on technologies that help industry offer end users newer digital media experience. In its 30 years of activity MPEG has promoted the birth of an industry worth several hundreds billion USD.

What is an ISO Subcommittee?

A subcommittee is an entity addressing a specialised area of expertise within a Technical Committee (TC), while a working group is typically a small-sized specialized group within a subcommittee that is responsible for drafting a particular standard or set of deliverables.

What is an ISO standard?

An ISO standard is a technical specification on how to manufacture of more generally do things according to that specification. A typical advantage of a standard is to be able to buy a solution from different vendors