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Industry and consumers need a working MPEG machine

MPEG is a unique machine that has produced and counts on producing standards affecting the life of billions of people and wide swathes of the industry. Read at why industry and consumers have the right to expect that this machine is allowed to do

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MPEG Adapts

I do some work promoting this MPEG Future LinkedIn group :-). Here is a message I have received: “Thanks a lot for sharing this information and inviting me in the group. I know about the origins of MPEG from explanations from two professors and I

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Planning for new standards

When a new standard is planned, it is important to identify the requirements it should satisfy. In MPEG, requirements are collected, prioritized and handled by the Requirements subgroup. This subgroup is in charge of driving and shaping the very early phases in the development of

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MPEG Future is also about Genomics

In the last 4+ years MPEG has successfully collaborated with Work Group 5 of ISO TC276 Biotechnology to develop a standard for Genomic Information Representation (ISO/IEC 23092, a.k.a. MPEG-G). MPEG provided the expertise in media coding, and TC 276 provided the requirements expressed by users