MPEG liaisons

MPEG has has common projects with a number of other organisations. Those in normal are completed, those in italic under way and those underlined are planned.

The first column gives the entity with which collaboration was/is/will be entertained. The second column gives the date of the collaboration and the 3rd column gives the standards resulting from the collaboration.

Entity Since Results/activities/plans
ITU-T SG16 1992 4 standards (MPEG-2 Systems-Video, AVC, HEVC)

1 standard under development (VVC)

WG 1 Mid 2000s 1 standard (ISO BMFF)

1 amendment (transport of JPEG2000)

1 amendments (transport of JPEG XS)

3GPP Mid 2000s 2 major standards (ISO Based Media File Format & DASH)
SC 24 2013 1 standard (Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model)
TC 276 2016 3 standards (MPEG-G Part 1, 2 & 3)

3 standards under development (MPEG-G parts 4, 5 & 6)

SC 42 2017 Plans for standard on Big Media Data

Plans for standard on Neural Network Compression

SC 41 2018 Plans for standard on Internet of Media Things (IoMT)
OIF 2019? Plans for Network Based Media Processing (23090-8)