MPEG standards

MPEG-1 ISO/IEC 11172 Coding of moving pictures and associated audio for digital storage media at up to about 1,5 Mbit/s

  1. Systems
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Compliance testing
  5. Software simulation

MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818 Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information

  1. Systems
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Coformance testing
  5. Software simulation
  6. Extensions for DSM-CC
  7. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
  8. VOID
  9. Extension for real time interface for systems decoders
  10. Conformance extension – DSM-CC
  11. IPMP on MPEG-2 Systems

MPEG-4 ISO/IEC 14496 Coding of audio-visual objects

  1. Systems
  2. Visual
  3. Audio
  4. Conformance testing
  5. Reference software
  6. Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework (DMIF)
  7. Optimized reference software for coding of audio-visual objects
  8. Carriage of ISO/IEC 14496 contents over IP networks
  9. Reference hardware description
  10. Advanced Video Coding
  11. Scene description and application engine
  12. ISO base media file format
  13. Intellectual Property Management and Protection (IPMP) extensions
  14. MP4 file format
  15. Carriage of NAL unit structured video in the ISOBMFF
  16. Animation Framework eXtension (AFX)
  17. Streaming text format
  18. Font compression and streaming
  19. Synthesised texture stream
  20. Lightweight Application Scene Representation (LASeR) and Simple Aggregation Format (SAF)
  21. MPEG-J Graphics Framework eXtensions (GFX)
  22. Open Font Format
  23. Symbolic Music Representation
  24. Audio and systems interaction
  25. 3D Graphics Compression Model
  26. Audio conformance
  27. 3D Graphics conformance
  28. Composite font representation
  29. Web video coding
  30. Timed text and other visual overlays in ISO base media file format
  31. Video coding for browsers
  32. Reference software and conformance for file formats
  33. Internet Video Coding
  34. Registration Authorities

MPEG-7 ISO/IEC 15938 Multimedia content description interface

  1. Systems
  2. Description definition language
  3. Visual
  4. Audio
  5. Multimedia description schemes
  6. Reference software
  7. Conformance testing
  8. Extraction and use of MPEG-7 descriptions
  9. Profiles and levels
  10. Schema definition
  11. MPEG-7 profile schemas
  12. Query format
  13. Compact descriptors for visual search
  14. Reference software, conformance and usage guidelines for CDVS
  15. Compact descriptors for video analysis
  16. Conformance and Reference Software for Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis
  17. Compression of neural networks for multimedia content description and analysis

MPEG-21 ISO/IEC 21000 Multimedia Framework

  1. Vision, Technologies and Strategy
  2. Digital Item Declaration
  3. Digital Item Identification
  4. Intellectual Property Management and Protection Components
  5. Rights Expression Language
  6. Rights Data Dictionary
  7. Digital Item Adaptation
  8. Reference Software
  9. File Format
  10. Digital Item Processing
  11. Evaluation Methods for Persistent Association Technologies
  12. Test Bed for MPEG-21 Resource Delivery
  13. VOID
  14. Conformance Testing
  15. Event Reporting
  16. Binary Format
  17. Fragment Identification of MPEG Resources
  18. Digital Item Streaming
  19. Media Value Chain Ontology
  20. Contract Expression Language
  21. Media Contract Ontology
  22. User Description

MPEG-A ISO/IEC 23000 Multimedia Application Formats

  1. Purpose for multimedia application formats
  2. MPEG music player application format
  3. MPEG photo player application format
  4. Musical slide show application format
  5. Media streaming application format
  6. Professional archival application format
  7. Open access application format
  8. Portable video application format
  9. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting application format
  10. Surveillance application format
  11. Stereoscopic video application format
  12. Interactive music application format
  13. Augmented reality application format
  14. VOID
  15. Multimedia Preservation Application Format
  16. Publish/Subscribe Application Format
  17. Multisensorial Media Application Format
  18. Media Linking Application Format
  19. Common Media Application Format
  20. VOID
  21. Visual Identity Application Format
  22. Multi-Image Application Format

MPEG-B ISO/IEC 23001 MPEG systems technologies

  1. Binary MPEG format for XML
  2. Fragment Request Units
  3. XML IPMP messages
  4. Codec configuration representation
  5. Bitstream Syntax Description Language (BSDL)
  6. VOID
  7. Common encryption format for ISO base media file format files
  8. VOID
  9. Common Encryption for MPEG-2 Transport Streams
  10. Carriage of Timed Metadata Metrics of Media in ISO Base Media File Format
  11. Green metadata
  12. Sample Variants
  13. Media Orchestration
  14. Partial File Format
  15. Carriage of Web Resource in ISOBMFF
  16. Derived visual tracks in the ISO base media file format

MPEG-C ISO/IEC 23002 MPEG video technologies

  1. Accuracy requirements for implementation of integer-output 8×8 inverse discrete cosine transform
  2. Fixed-point 8×8 inverse discrete cosine transform and discrete cosine transform
  3. Representation of auxiliary video streams and supplemental information
  4. Media tool library
  5. Reconfigurable media coding conformance and reference software
  6. Tools for reconfigurable media coding implementations

MPEG-D ISO/IEC 23003 MPEG audio technologies

  1. MPEG Surround
  2. Spatial Audio Object Coding (SAOC)
  3. Unified speech and audio coding
  4. Dynamic Range Control
  5. Uncompressed Audio in MP4 FF

MPEG-E ISO/IEC 23004 Multimedia Middleware

  1. Architecture
  2. Multimedia application programming interface (API)
  3. Component model
  4. Resource and quality management
  5. Component download
  6. Fault management
  7. System integrity management
  8. Reference software

MPEG-V ISO/IEC 23005 Media context and control

  1. Architecture
  2. Control information
  3. Sensory information
  4. Virtual world object characteristics
  5. Data formats for interaction devices
  6. Common types and tools
  7. Conformance and reference software

MPEG-M ISO/IEC 23006 Multimedia service platform technologies

  1. Architecture
  2. MPEG extensible middleware (MXM) API
  3. Conformance and reference software
  4. Elementary services
  5. Service aggregation

MPEG-U ISO/IEC 23007 Rich media user interfaces

  1. Widgets
  2. Additional gestures and multimodal interaction
  3. Conformance and reference software

MPEG-H ISO/IEC 23008 High efficiency coding and media delivery in heterogeneous environments

  1. MPEG Media Transport (MMT)
  2. High Efficiency Video Coding
  3. 3D Audio
  4. MMT Reference Software
  5. HEVC Reference Software
  6. 3D Audio Reference Software
  7. MMT Conformance Testing
  8. HEVC Conformance Testing
  9. 3D Audio Conformance Testing
  10. MPEG Media Transport Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes
  11. MPEG Composition Information
  12. Image file format
  13. MMT Implementation guidelines
  14. Conversion and coding practices for HDR/WCG video
  15. Signalling, backward compatibility and display adaptation for HDR/WCG video

MPEG-DASH ISO/IEC 23009 Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)

  1. Media presentation description and segment formats
  2. Conformance and reference software
  3. Implementation guidelines
  4. Segment encryption and authentication specifies encryption and authentication of DASH segments that is independent of the media format
  5. Server and Network Assisted DASH
  6. DASH with Server Push and WebSockets
  7. Delivery of CMAF content with DASH
  8. Session based DASH operation

MPEG-I ISO/IEC 23090 Coded representation of immersive media

  1. Immersive Media Architectures
  2. Omnidirectional MediA Format
  3. Versatile Video Coding
  4. Immersive Audio Coding
  5. Video-based Point Cloud Compression
  6. Immersive Media Metrics
  7. Immersive Media Metadata
  8. Network-Based Media Processing
  9. Geometry-based Point Cloud Compression
  10. Carriage of Point Cloud Data
  11. Implementation Guidelines for Network-based Media Processing
  12. Immersive video

MPEG-CICP ISO/IEC 23091 Coding-Independent Code-Points

  1. Systems
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Usage of video signal type code points

MPEG-G ISO/IEC 23092 Genomic Information Representation

  1. Transport and Storage of Genomic Information
  2. Genomic Information Representation
  3. Genomic information metadata and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  4. Reference Software
  5. Conformance
  6. Genomic Annotation Representation

MPEG-IoMT ISO/IEC 23093 Internet of Media Things

  1. IoMT Architecture
  2. IoMT Discovery and Communication API
  3. IoMT Media Data Formats and API
  4. Reference Software and Conformance

MPEG-5 ISO/IEC 23094 General Video Coding

  1. Essential Video Coding
  2. Low Complexity Video Coding Enhancements