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Moving Picture coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to promote the efficient use of Data by

  1. developing Technical Specifications of
  2. Compression/decompression Formats for any type of Data, especially using new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and
  3. technologies that facilitate integration of Data Compression components in ICT systems, and
  4. bridging the gap between Technical Specifications and their practical use through the developĀ­ment of IPR Guidelines, such as Framework Licences and other instruments.

Data includes, but is not restricted to, media, manufacturing, autĀ­omotive, health and generic data.

MPAI operates on the basis of open international collaboration of interested parties who support the MPAI mission and the means to accomplish it.

MPAI is driven by the acknowledgement that standard compression technologies are unique enablers of businesses that handle large amounts of data. However, the current state of technology is such that a large number of patented technologies from multiple and numerous sources are required to integrate state of the art solutions.

The usual FRAND declarations adopted by Standard Developimg Organisations have shown that, once a standard has been developed, it may not be easy to achieve a state that is the natural consequence of the efforts that have produced the Technical Specification, namely where:

  • Patent holders are rewarded for the innovation they brought into the standard and
  • Users know how much, to whom and how to pay for using the standard.

MPAI has devised a new process that promises to bridge the gap between standards and their practical use by defining Framework Licences before work on a standard begins.