Planning for new standards

When a new standard is planned, it is important to identify the requirements it should satisfy. In MPEG, requirements are collected, prioritized and handled by the Requirements subgroup. This subgroup is in charge of driving and shaping the very early phases in the development of a standard: seeking the client Industries’ demands and interacting with implementation Industries taking advantage of expertise available within MPEG. These activities include explorations in a certain technology field, preparation and refinement of technical requirements and a smooth and coherent transition to the definition of a new Project or the extension of one already ongoing. In the SC structure for MPEG proposed by hashtagMPEGFuture, in addition to the technical requirements AG, which continues the activities of the current requirements subgroup, a new Market Needs AG is envisaged. This AG is specifically designed to link MPEG to the real market, focusing on both what is expected and when it should be made available to the outside world. The idea is to balance purely technology-driven initiatives and enable an iterative process of negotiation with the technical requirements AG to ensure any new standard produced by MPEG is highly relevant to the market. hashtagmarket hashtagstandards