MPEG Future is also about Genomics

In the last 4+ years MPEG has successfully collaborated with Work Group 5 of ISO TC276 Biotechnology to develop a standard for Genomic Information Representation (ISO/IEC 23092, a.k.a. MPEG-G). MPEG provided the expertise in media coding, and TC 276 provided the requirements expressed by users of genome sequencing data. The MPEG-G activity involved both experts in MPEG media technologies and experts from the domains of bioinformatics and life science who worked together during more than 4 years. TC276/WG5 and MPEG have issued in July 2019 a joint public call for proposals to further develop the ISO/IEC 23092 standard series in an effort to provide new solutions to the need of efficiently associating genome sequencing data with the results of the analysis. Collaborations with other ISO committees as the one described above would become much more effective if MPEG should be elevated to become a SubCommittee as proposed by hashtagMPEGFuture. As a SC, MPEG would be able to form joint WGs with other committees, such as TC 276, on standardization activities of common interest. Joint WGs would enable experts to closely work together following a methodology and work process already validated by 30+ years of activity within MPEG.