The benefits of MPEG Future – Governance

MPEG Future is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? The first item to be considered is hashtagMPEGGovernance. MPEG is currently a working group (WG) In the ISO organisation, a WG is a kind of temporary entity of limited size that is set up to produce a standard or a set of standard. The MPEG situation hardly matches this paradigm. MPEG has been operating for 31 years it has an attendance of 500 experts and it has a huge work programme that will require years to complete, assuming that new standards are not needed – hardly a possibility. A WG does not need a strict governance because of these 3 elements. MPEG is the lifeblood of the media industry because it is providing the necessary standards that enable products, services and applications. The global revenues of Pay TV services alone in 2018 were 230 billion USD. MPEG needs a governance that is adequate to the role it plays. This is the first benefit of the hashtagMPEGFuture proposal.