The benefits of MPEG Future – Productivity

MPEGFuture is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? In an earlier posy I have considered hashtagMPEGGovernance. The next item is hashtagMPEGproductivity.

With hundreds of experts attending and more in companies working MPEG is able to develop excellent standards in all areas its client industries require. Moving the structure from Working Group (WG) level to Subcommittee (SC) level, guarantees that the “machine” that produces standards will not be affected in its scope, and number and quality of standards. Preserving the current productivity is good, but not sufficient. MPEG has produced many standards (~180), some of them wildly successful, but some less so. How can we improve the success rate of MPEG standards? The answer is in the nature of MPEG, a group of the best technologists who, like everybody who is in love with their own work, tend to forget that the world is wider than the portion that one sees. hashtagMPEGFuture proposes to set up a “Market needs” group parallel to the Requirements group. In line with the approach that MPEG adopts in all its activities, the two groups will compete and collaborate. Compete because each group will try and make their own view of a standard prevail but also collaborate because both groups seek the success of MPEG standards.