The future of MPEG is more collaboration

MPEG has a long history of collaboration with other organisations, including ITU-T SG16 and JPEG, resulting in joint development of successful standards. More recently, MPEG has also provided its expertise in data coding technologies to support applications in domains other than multimedia. A successful example of hashtagMPEGCollaboration is with ISO TC 276 Biotechnology, resulting in the MPEG-G suite of standards for Genomic Information Representation and Transport. The recently established ISO/IEC JTC1 SC42 Artificial Intelligence might become another such example in the future. SC42 deals with defining use cases and terminology for AI, as well as developing frameworks for big data, computational approaches and trustworthy AI. The work on compressed representation of neural networks done in MPEG is on a much more technical level, and benefits from the vast expertise in data compression within MPEG. The work done in the two groups is thus complementary. As a WG, MPEG does not have formal means of establishing collaboration with other committees beyond liaisons. Elevating MPEG to an SC as proposed by hashtagMPEGFuture enables forming joint WGs with other committees on matters of common interest, and thus allows collaboration at eye level. hashtagneuralnetworks hashtagstandards