The scope of work of MPEG as a Subcommittee

In all standards organisation, especially the larger ones, great attention is paid to the scope of work of a committee. It would be detrimental if different groups developed competing standards in the same area. hashtagMPEGFuture proposes that the new subcommittee has the following scope: Standardisation in the area of delivery of moving pictures and audio, their descriptions and other data – Serve as the focus and proponent for JTC 1’s standardisation program for broadcast, broadband and mobile distribution based on efficient storage, processing, delivery and consumption of digital moving pictures and audio, including conventional and immersive, generated or captured by any technology; – Serve as the focus and co-proponent for JTC 1’s standardisation program on efficient storage, processing and delivery of genomic and other data, in agreement and collaboration with the relevant committees. Of course the substance of the work will not change, compared to what MPEG does today. However, the new formulation focuses on what MPEG standards are for, instead of talking about the technologies (compression, etc.) that MPEG uses.