Statutes of MPAI

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This page contaons a shortened version of the Statutes. The full text is available here.

Moving Picture coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) is as an Swiss not-for-profit association whose seat is in Geneva.

The Members can by Principal Members and Associate Members.

The Bodies of MPAI are:

  • the General Assembly (GA)
  • the Board of Directors (BD)
  • Advisory Committees
  • Standing Committees (SD) and Development Committees (DC)
  • The Secretariat.

General Assemby (GA)

The GA, MPAI’s supreme body, is formed by the Principal Members. Other Members may attend the General Assembly as observers. GA holds Annual Meetings called by the the Board of Directors (BD). General Meetings may be held at any place, physical or virtual.

GA is chaired by the President of the BD.

GA decides by vote of Principal Members. GA decides by simple majority vote for such matters as

  • election of the Directors to the BD
  • approval of the Work Plan
  • approval of Calls for Interest, Evidence and Technologies
  • approval of Technical Specifications
  • etc

GA decides by 2/3 majority vote for such matters as

  • resolution of a technical issue brought up by a DC
  • terms of Reference of a DC
  • etc.

 Board of Directors (BD)

BD has 3 members for the foundation act and minimum 5 and maximum 11 elected by the 1st  GA. Directors’ term is 3 years, renewable once.

Some of the powers of the BD are

  • interprets and administers the Statutes
  • elects Officers, prescribes their duties and may remove them
  • sets up, controls and determines powers, duties and responsibilities of
    • Advisory Committees other than those foreseen in these Statutes,
    • Standing Committees, such as the Requirements Committee,
    • Development Committees,
    • Special Committees,
  • appoints the chair of any MPAI Committee
  • orders the publication of Technical Specifications approved by the GA
  • etc.


MPAI’s Officers:are

  • the President
  • the Vice-President
  • the Secretary
  • the Treasurer

 Advisory Committees

Each Advisory Committee has 1 Member at least, who is a Director appointed by the BD and chairs the Committee.

Directors in Advisory Committees have no voting rights on the business of that Advisory Committee.

The Membership and Nominating Committee

  • reviews the qualifications of each applicant for Membership
  • proposes nominees for election to the Board of Directors taking into account the requirements for balanced industry and geographical representation
  • proposes nominees for all Officer positions to be filled by the Board of Directors
  • etc.

The Finance and Audit Committee

  • reviews accounts and finances and prepare the audit report for the Board of Directors
  • propose to the Board of Directors the revised schedule of fees to be paid by the Members of MPAI
  • recommend an annual budget
  • recommend auditors for appointment by the Board.
  • etc.

The IPR Support Advisory Committee (SAC)

  • Advises the Board of Directors on the guidance to be given to a DC in matters related to the handling of the IPR pertaining to a Technical Specification.
  • May invite experts to assist in its deliberations.
  • Deliberates by 2/3 majority vote of its members present.
  • Adopts a Framework Licence for a Technical Specification by 2/3 majority vote of members who have declared their intention to participate in the technical development of the said Technical Specification.
  • Each Principal Member may nominate one member of the IPR SAC.
  • The Secretariat maintains an updated list of the members of the IPR SAC and its subdivisions.
  • etc.

Development Committees

  • The BD may establish a DC to develop a TS according to the Terms of Reference approved by the GA.
  • Each DC and subgroup thereof shall consist of Principal and Associated Members.
  • The Secretariat maintains an updated list of the members of each DC.
  • A DC progresses the development of its TS on the basis of its members’ consensus.
  • The DC chair is tasked to detect when consensus on an issue has been reached.
  • If consensus is not reached on an issue, the chair may decide to bring the matter to the attention of the GA.
  • A TS on which a DC has reached final consensus about its readiness is transmitted to the GA.


  • Keeps an up-to-date list of all Members and their data
  • Keeps an up-to-date list of
    • The members of the IPR SAC
    • All DCs
    • The Principal Members who have declared the intention to participate in the development of a TS
    • The Principal Members who have submitted the declaration they will license their essential patents according to the relevant Framework Licence
    • The members of all DCs
  • Manages the data base of all submissions contributed by Members. This data base shall be accessible to Members and third parties upon request to the Secretariat.
  • Provides efficient support to online meeting and collaboration.