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Planning for new standards

When a new standard is planned, it is important to identify the requirements it should satisfy. In MPEG, requirements are collected, prioritized and handled by the Requirements subgroup. This subgroup is in charge of driving and shaping the very early phases in the development of

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MPEG Future is also about Genomics

In the last 4+ years MPEG has successfully collaborated with Work Group 5 of ISO TC276 Biotechnology to develop a standard for Genomic Information Representation (ISO/IEC 23092, a.k.a. MPEG-G). MPEG provided the expertise in media coding, and TC 276 provided the requirements expressed by users

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The scope of work of MPEG as a Subcommittee

In all standards organisation, especially the larger ones, great attention is paid to the scope of work of a committee. It would be detrimental if different groups developed competing standards in the same area. hashtag#MPEGFuture proposes that the new subcommittee has the following scope: Standardisation

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The future of MPEG is more collaboration

MPEG has a long history of collaboration with other organisations, including ITU-T SG16 and JPEG, resulting in joint development of successful standards. More recently, MPEG has also provided its expertise in data coding technologies to support applications in domains other than multimedia. A successful example

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Collaboration

#MPEGFuture is proposing that MPEG become a JTC 1 Subcommittee. To analyse the benefits of this new setting, I have already posted hashtag#MPEGGovernance and hashtag#MPEGproductivity and this is the time for hashtag#MPEGCollaboration. Today systems become more and more complex and include more and more features.

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Productivity

#MPEGFuture is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? In an earlier posy I have considered hashtag#MPEGGovernance. The next item is hashtag#MPEGproductivity. With hundreds of experts attending and more in companies working MPEG is able to develop excellent

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The benefits of MPEG Future – Governance

MPEG Future is proposing a new setting for MPEG. What are the benefits of this new setting? The first item to be considered is hashtag#MPEGGovernance. MPEG is currently a working group (WG) In the ISO organisation, a WG is a kind of temporary entity of

MPEG Future kick-off

MPEG Future believes that the MPEG organisation, developed over the last 31 years, is sound and effective because it is the result of a continuous evolution. MPEG has been and is able to conceive strategic visions for new media user experiences, design work plans in